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Learn more about what causes the skin infection & how to prevent it from spreading 

Pharmacy Kent

Impetigo is a skin infection that is usually found in young children, but it can affect people of all ages. Although impetigo can be unpleasant and is very contagious, it’s not a serious condition and can improve on its own over time. With treatment, impetigo can be cleared up more quickly.

What are the symptoms of impetigo? 

Impetigo usually begins as red sores or blisters that appear on the skin. It normally appears on exposed areas of skin like your face, around your mouth and nose and your hands. 

Eventually, these sores or blisters will burst, leaving crusty, golden-brown or yellow patches in their place.  

You may find that these patches: 

  • Get bigger in size

  • Spread to other parts of your body – such as your arms, waist and legs 

  • Become itchy or 

  • Become mildly painful

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