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Bites and stings

Insect bites & stings are common & usually nothing to worry about. Read our top tips for treating them at home & find out when to seek medical help

Pharmacy First

The occasional bite or sting from an insect is something most of us have experienced, especially during warmer weather. It's normal to experience some itching or pain when this happens, but occasionally a bite or sting can lead to an allergic reaction or an infection. Read on for some pointers on how to recognise this, and how to treat bites and stings generally.

What are the symptoms of an insect bite & sting?

Bites and stings usually leave a red lump on the skin, which may be painful, and are often very itchy. Some people might have a mild allergic reaction, which causes a larger area around the bite or sting to become swollen, red and painful. This should pass within a week.

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